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Storm Team Green Fleet

Green Fleet preparing to leave with our Storm Team to assist those affected by disaster. Near or far SERVPRO of Toledo West is here to help those in need across the country

Several green SERVPRO Trailers in a parking lot

Our SERVPRO Green Fleet Ready 24/7 To Help Out Throughout Toledo!

The sea of green....vehicles that is!! We are prepared for any sized disaster, whether it be a flooded basement, a pipe break, a kitchen fire, any time of day. We will be there to help!

Two SERVPRO Trailers in a parking lot

SERVPRO of Toledo West

Part of our fleet, the smaller part, "Ready for whatever happens" including a new trailer equipped for priority responding for securing property.  It includes permanently mounted generator and table saw.  Lots of room for building materials too!  

three men in PPE

SERVPRO of Toledo West Work Attire

Our crews are highly trained and IICRC certified to handle losses that require Personal Protective Equipment, PPE.  The PPE keeps our employees safe from any type of bio hazard cleanup needed. 

PPE In a truck

Safety is our top priority

At SERVPRO of Toledo West safety is our top priority.  Safety is not only for our customers but also for the crew members responding to your emergency.  As you can see this trailer is prepared and ready for whatever we might need to get the job done and keep everyone safe. 

The trailer is stocked with "PPE", personal protection equipment.  This includes tyvek suits, hard helmets, all sorts of gloves, boots, goggles and multiple face masks and respirators.

Additionally we keep first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and a chemical safety data sheet book.  We take safety and protection serious at SERVPRO of Toledo West.

Lots of equipment in a parking lot

Any type of equipment we need to dry your structure

SERVPRO of Toledo West has all the equipment you need to dry you out after a flood or fire.  No matter the size of the loss we can handle get you life back together.

Storm Clean Up Toledo Ohio

Storm Damage can be devastating! Sometimes its hard to know where to start. This home was the aftermath of a storm that had high winds which did damage to not only the outside of the home but to the inside as well! SERVPRO was able to handle the outside clean up and dry out the inside of the home making sure the homeowner had a lot less stress to deal with.

Perrysburg Water Damage

This was a water damage in Perrysburg Ohio that occurred on a Saturday afternoon. With SERVPRO of Sylvania/West Toledos 24/7 service there was no need to worry. The customer was very happy we were on site within an hour.

Charter School water damage in Toledo Ohio

This was a water damage in a charter school in Toledo Ohio. SERVPRO of Sylvania/West Toledo was on site immediately to get the mess cleaned up and the building back to pre loss condition.

Thermal Imaging

At SERVPRO of Sylvania West/Toledo we use the latest technology to see where water may be hiding after a Storm Damage. When water comes in from the outside from damaging winds it can be hard to detect what all may be damaged. With this Thermal imaging camera we are able to detect water hiding behind the walls.

Field house Fire

This was the aftermath of a fire that was set in a field house at a local football field. Most of the roof had to be replaced and the walls were soda blasted and then power washed so they could then be sealed and painted.

Hidden Mold in Toledo Ohio

Mold loves dark damp places and walls covered in wall paper can make a great breeding ground for Mold. Here the Wall paper was removed and Mold was professionally remediated by SERVPRO of Sylvania/West Toledo. 

Moldy Basement

Sometimes customers do not realize that mold is growing in their basement behind totes of holiday decor and the usual things we may store in basements until they have a water damage. This customer in Oregon Ohio was shocked to see what was growing. He was happy He had Called SERVPRO of Sylvania/West Toledo to take care of things.

Basement Flood in Maumee Ohio

This was a water damage to a basement SERVPRO of Sylvania/West Toledo did in Maumee, Ohio. The sewer had backed up into his basement. We had the contaminated materials removed and the area cleaned and sanitized in no time. The structure was on its way to drying out and his basement was put back together within a week. Customer was thrilled .

Mold on contents in Sylvania Ohio

Sometimes we run into jobs where the mold is not just on the structure. Mold can grow in many places as well as your contents; As long as the conditions are right to support mold growth. 

Floods in Findlay

This past summer Findlay Ohio was hit with torrential downpours. The rain was enough for Sheriffs to issue a Level 2 Flood Advisory for Hancock and Seneca counties. SERVPRO of Sylvania/West Toledo was called in to lend a hand assisting customers with flooded properties.

Ready for Storm Cleanup

Getting our equipment all ready to help fellow franchises in the Florida area following a hurricane. We sent 6 techs with most of our drying equipment and water damage supplies for 3 weeks. They serviced both commercial and residential.

Kitchen Fire in Toledo, Ohio

Kitchen Fires can happen quickly. SERVPRO of Sylvania/West Toledo made sure all of our customers mind was put to ease and she was amazed at how smooth the process of getting her home back went.

What's behind your walls?

This job started out as a simple dishwasher leak. We removed the flooring in order to dryout the subfloor. In this case the cabinets are on top of the flooring that needs to be removed. Once we removed the cabinets the technician noticed the drywall. This customer had no idea she had this problem going on in her kitchen.

Mold Remediation in Maumee, Ohio

Setting up a containment is a very important step when doing a Mold remediation job. Another important step is to place an air scrubber in the containment to help capture any mold spores in the air.

Kitchen Fire

This was a very bad kitchen fire we were on. The fire was so hot that it melted the refrigerator. Thankfully most of the burnt/melted items were contained to the kitchen. We were able to clean and move out the contents in the rest of the home.

Water Damage at a local Church

This is a water damage in the basement of a local church. The cause of loss is actually theft. Someone broke into the church and removed all of the copper plumbing and fixtures. We were able to make this bad situation a little easier by getting it cleaned up and dried out.

House Fire in Holland. Ohio

This was a horrible fire we were called out to clean up. The structure was considered a total loss but the homeowner had a few items that were very sentimental to her. We suited up and went in. We were able to recover the majority of the items and restore them for the homeowner. 

Water Damaged Laminate Floor

This photo show that even when the floor appears to be dry there is still water trapped between layers. In this case the customer thought he had cleaned up all the water and did not need our services. by simply taking moisture readings we were able to show him it was wet. The customer was shocked when we removed the floor and the water was under the moisture barrier.

Storm Damage in Sylvania Ohio

This was the aftermath of spring storms here in Sylvania, Ohio. Heavy winds blew through and took out quite a few trees. Luckily we were able to call out a tree company and have the tree removed so that we could get the roof tarped the same day before more storms moved in that night, saving the home from more water damage.

Water Damaged Hardwood Floor

This photo shows the extreme damage water can do to a hardwood floor. This flooring was trapped under wet carpet and pad for two days before we were on site. Unfortunately in this case the flooring could not be saved.

Smoke to Ceiling

This is why it is important to use a professional cleaning service that specialize in fire/smoke damage cleaning. The customer tried to clean the ceiling herself with a wet solution. The paint was flat and should only be dry cleaned.

Water in Ductwork

This is a photo of water inside heating duct runs. If left unattended the duct work can rust and deteriorate, causing water to leak out.  Call SERVPRO of Sylvania/West Toledo Today for you free duct cleaning estimate.

Commercial fire in Northwood, Ohio

A commercial fire that we took care of in Northwood, Ohio. As you can see the walls in this warehouse were covered in a thick layer of soot. The smoke and soot damage was significant. The business was amazed that they were still able to continue running while mitigation was in process, but we were able to make that happen.

Commercial water loss in Toledo, Ohio.

This was a commercial water loss in Toledo, Ohio. We used the injectidry to direct forced air into the cavities of the wall to dry the structure.This Type of system is used in water damage restoration and restorative drying work. It is specifically designed for structural cavities like those between studs in walls, between joists in floors and ceilings, under and behind cabinets and other built-ins, above door and window headers, and many other areas that are difficult to access. The system works because airflow across wet materials is a basic principle of drying.

Commercial water loss in Toledo, Ohio.

No matter the size SERVPRO is here to help! “Ready for whatever happens” means that we have the equipment for any size jobs. Whether its hundreds of air movers, dehumidifiers, heaters, air scrubbers, hardwood drying mats, generators or even specialized equipment such as trailer mounted descant dehumidifiers we’ve got it covered. We just took delivery on even more air movers and dehumidifiers to help us expand our coverage even more. Some of the equipment might sit on the shelves from time to time, but when it’s needed, it’s here and ready.

Commercial Water Loss Toledo Ohio

By utilizing advanced desiccant technology to provide a low dew-point airstream and absorbing moisture vapor in the air,desiccant dehumidifiers lower moisture levels in both the ambient indoor air and moisture content in building materials. This reduces the premature degradation of building materials and lowers the risk of microbial growth due to high moisture levels within a structure.

Commercial water damage at a senior home

When working in a commercial property where individuals reside it is imperative that we make sure the residents are safe and comfortable throughout the entire process. The owners as well as the residents were very happy with how seamlessly the job went from start to finish

Maumee Summer Fair Parade

This picture was taken in June 2015, at the Maumee Summer Fair Parade which we had participated in. The Summer Fair parades' theme was "I Love The 80's". The kids had a blast and we all busted out our leg warmers and big hair!

Holiday Fun!

Holidays are filled with fun, food and best of all the Holiday lights parade! We decided to keep our float in the "green" Theme and who better to represent green then .....You guessed it The Grinch himself and the village of whoville! I think our crew did a great job putting together this float!

Toys For Tots

During the Holidays its very important to think of those less fortunate than ourselves. This year we became an official drop off location for The Marine Corps Toys For Tots Campaign.

Toys For Tots

Toys For Tots During the Holidays its very important to think of those less fortunate than ourselves. This year we became an official drop off location for The Marine Corps Toys For Tots Campaign.

Sewage Backup

This was a sewage backup that was found in a hidden basement that the customer did not know existed. The customer had a foul odor that they had noticed and called in a plumber to investigate. They removed a cement block from a wall thinking they were gaining access to plumbing lines behind the wall when in fact they discovered a hidden basement. We were then called in to remove 3 ft of standing sewage, power wash walls and floors and disinfect entire basement.

Raccoon Play Time

At this job Raccoon's decided to make this attic their playground. Unfortunately these cute little creatures can carry several diseases and can do thousands of dollars worth of damage. All insulation was soaked in urine and feces so it had to be removed. there was a dropped ceiling below which also had to be removed. All beams had to be cleaned and disinfected and then sealed. Home owner was grateful to have her house back and all critters were removed and relocated.

Trees Tops Tumble

This job was a house that we were called out to because of a leak in the roof. Water was coming into a bedroom. When we arrived on site we found that a tree branch had dropped onto the house putting a hole in the roof, hence the leak in the bedroom. The first thing we did was to call a roofing company to repair the hole in the roof which we were able to get done the same day. from there it was simply drying the customers home out and painting the ceiling in the bedroom! Customer was ecstatic the process was so quick and his home was back to normal in no time.

Damp and Dark = Mold

We were called out to a water damage originally, but this damage turned into a mold remediation job. The customer heard water running in the basement and discovered a broken pipe. He had the pipe repaired and then called us to come out and dry out his basement. Unfortunately his basement had been damp for quite sometime. we were able to dry him out re-mediate the mold and make his home a healthy living environment once again.

Smoke Damage

This photo was taken at a fire damage in Northwood Ohio. The ceilings had to be cleaned by hand. First the ceiling was HEPA Vacuumed then washed. Customer was very happy with the results